Abstract of the workshop


In this workshop Prof. Bauer-Ramazani will show participants how to construct a Wiki, a free Web space that allows students and teachers to interact and collaborate with each other.  The Wiki can be limited to invited participants only or available to anyone for viewing. 


Teachers will learn how to create a home page with pictures and links to additional pages and Internet sites that they want students to use for homework or out-of-class learning.  The objective is to construct Web pages with a framework for students to complete.  For example, on a BIO page, students and other invited participants can add their pictures, bios and comments to a table created by the teacher.  On a Writing page created by the teacher, students can upload first and second drafts for their writing portfolio, with critiques by their peers and/or the teacher.  On an Oral Skills page, students can upload videos of presentations and to the shared Wiki space.  Participants should have some experience with hyperlinks and uploading files to the Internet.



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