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Creating a COURSES page and linking to it

Page history last edited by Christine Bauer-Ramazani 11 years ago

Let's start creating content for our Wiki! 

It is usually a good idea to plan out the structure of a Web space in order to organize the content.  When creating a Web space, it is always good to plan ahead and anticipated content that you will add in the future.  On your COURSES page, you may therefore want to add links to different courses or different sessions.  It is a good idea to create a separate page for each course or session.   


Creating a COURSES page

  1.  Click Create new page at the top right of your workspace in VIEW mode..
    • Type the page title COURSES into the window and click Create new page.
    • Once you type something on the page (anything! It's ok!), click Save.  Save often! 
    • Go to the SideBar and create a link to the page: Edit SideBar > Type Courses > Highlight the text and, under Insert Link (right side), click the Courses page you just created.  Click Ok and Save. 


Linking to your new page

To navigate from one page to another, you'll want to link pages together. (Unlinked pages are called "orphans," and that's no fun.)


  1. Decide if you want the links to appear on the home (front) page of your site or in the SideBar (right), as I have done here.  I recommend using the SideBar in order to leave space on the home page for content information about the site and pictures.  
  2. Go to the SideBar and click Edit the SideBar.
  3. Type the title of the page you want to link (Courses).
  4. Select/highlight the text and under Insert Links (right side), click the Courses page.  Click Ok and Save.  Your page is now linked.


You can now set up as many pages as you want and link them together!


See the PBworks User Manual with screenshots for Creating Pages


Site author: Christine Bauer-Ramazani, 9/1/2010; last update: 5/23/2012

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