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Setting up a Student Bios page

Page history last edited by Christine Bauer-Ramazani 13 years, 9 months ago

Now it's time to have the students enter information in the wiki!


  1. Create a new page called STUDENT BIOS and add it to your SideBar. Save the page and the SideBar.  Click the page and the EDIT tab.
  2. In EDIT mode, add some instructions on the page as to what you want the students should write about. You can view an example of the instructions here on a wiki that I used with over 100 students for a year and a half. 
  3. Add a table for students to add their name, a brief biography, a photo, and comments (by the teacher and other students)--4 columns, 5 rows (or more).  SAVE!
  4. Center and bold the info in the first row.  Use font colors and/or highlighting as desired.  Use Table Properties (right-click) to make changes to the table as desired. SAVE!
NAME  SHORT BIOGRAPHY  PHOTO  COMMENTS (from the teacher and students) 
Christine Bauer-Ramazani  You can read about my background, education, interests, and family on the About Me page.  Click the link!    


    5.  In EDIT mode, add your name and write a short bio for yourself, as I have done above--Tell us where you are from, your city/town, education, your family, your hobbies, interests, and future plans.  Upload a photo (Images and files > Upload files >Click in the Photo space and click the file you just uploaded > resize by pulling on the side handles and others if necessary). SAVE!


Site author: Christine Bauer-Ramazani, 9/1/2010; last update: 9/12/2010

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