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INVITING people to your space

Page history last edited by Christine Bauer-Ramazani 13 years, 7 months ago

Wikis are social networking spaces.  They are meant to be shared.  After adding the needed content for class, you should invite your students (and others).


Inviting students (and others):

  1. Click the Users tab at the top of the workspace
  2. Click  .
  3. If your students have email addresses, you can add them, separating them by commas.  If not, click to click Create Accounts through PBworks.
  4. Select the level of permission.  
    • Writer is a good choice for students.  It allows them to edit and upload.
    • Administrator privileges can also be extended to anyone you wish to share the task of managing the wiki with. 


Additional resource: Video from PBworks on Invite Users. 







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